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Photo Gallery

Nomads' Rest Bed & Breakfast Squamish BC Canada

Below are just a few of the photos we've taken in and around Squamish since our arrival here just a few short months ago.  Apart from the first photo, they've been arranged in order from most recent (top) to least recent (bottom).  Since the places to go and see along with the photo opportunities they present are endless, this page will be updated with newer photos regularly.  Come back and visit!

Mount Garibaldi view from the Mamquam River

One of the truly wonderful advantages of staying with us at Nomads' Rest Bed & Breakfast is that you don't need to go far in order to come face to face with the beauty of the area.
This photo, one of our favorites, with Mount Garibaldi in the backgroud, was taken from an area which is but a short 5-minute walk away from our house.
The peaceful nature of the area combined with the grand views that surround you make it a great walk to do.  The fact that this excursion possibility is so close to home is just one of the bonuses! 

Trumpeter Swans at the Squamish Estuary

It is not at all uncommon to see groups of Trumpeter Swans swimming around the waterway pictured above.
This photo was taken in January, as I headed back home from the river after some eagle watching.
What a pleasant surprise!

Alice Lake near Squamish BC

Alice Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful, easily accessible area that has lots to offer year round.  There are wonderful biking and hiking trails which join Alice Lake with Fawn Lake, Edith Lake and Stump Lake.  Alice Lake, pictured here, is superb for swimming and floating around in the summer.  It is also definitely a worthwhile destination in the winter, where the walking is easy and the views grand.  (You'll notice that there is nobody swimming in this photo.  Although the water looks inviting here, this photo was taken in February - still a little early for a dip in the lake!)
The fact that the park is a short 10-minute drive from here...  well... is great!

Edith Lake Squamish BC

Pictured here is Edith Lake.  Taken in February, you'll notice that while the snow has melted, there remains some ice on the lake.  I can't wait to see it in the summer!

Stump Lake Squamish BC

It is not only possible to walk around Stump Lake, it is easy!  The peaceful atmosphere and wildlife viewing opportunities ensure you will have a memorable time.

Mount Garibaldi Squamish BC

Need I mention the spectacular views of Garibaldi from Stump Lake...
It is amazing to me how these mountains light up in the afternoon sun.  As the sun sets, Garibaldi glows brighter and brighter, seeming almost as if it were artificially lit by spotlights.
It is spectacular every time!

Eagle Run Brackendale BC

Eagle Run is where, each year, thousands of Bald Eagles gather.  From November through February, eagles can be seen feeding on salmon on the river's edge or perching in the giant cottonwood trees. 
Yes, you guessed it.  This world-famous spot is located less than a 3-minute drive from Nomads' Rest - really, really close!!!

A Bald Eagle eating salmon in Squamish

One reason (the main reason) the Bald Eagles come to this area in such great quantities is because the food is so abundant.  They love to feast on the huge meaty salmon that come up the Squamish river and beyond to spawn.  It is a truly amazing sight to see these powerful birds dig in to the salmon's tough skin using their strong talons and beak. 

Bald Eagles in Brackendale BC

As was mentioned, the quantities of salmon are so plentiful that there really isn't any reason for the eagles to fight or compete for food.
After eating in the morning, the eagles will usually fly up into the trees by the river's edge where they prefer to conserve their energy.

The Estuary in Squamish BC

The Estuary, even in the winter, is a beautiful and peaceful place to relax, walk, and birdwatch.
It is a short 5-minute drive from our home, or can be reached easily in less than 20 minutes by bicycle.

Another view of the Squmish Estuary

The natural light that bathes the Estuary at mid-day gives the area and its colors a rich and almost surreal glow.

Blue Heron at the Squamish Estuary

The Estuary contains a number of beautiful walking trails where bird watchers can spot a variety of interesting birds and wildlife.
Pictured here is a Blue Heron.  Although they are rather large, colorful, and quite unusual in appearance, these birds stand so still, blending into their surroundings, that they can be easy to miss!

A Cormorant at the Squamish Estuary

It's not quite as easy to miss the Cormorant.  They can often be seen sitting on a jutting branch or log in the middle of the water.  Pictured here is one of these birds doing what I call the "crazy dance" - always an entertaining show! 

Nomads' Rest Bed & Breakfast Squamish BC

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada